Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence


Collaborative Data Intelligence

Supporting the Processing, Analysis, Publication and Disclosure of business information

Efficient collaboration when producing and publishing business content

Redefining the classical reporting structures

Building on knowledge you have already acquired (MSOffice 365)
Allowing for continuous change & flexible structures
Architectured for automatic data and meta-data synchronisation

Embracing Inversed Design

Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

A coherent unity in an ever changing world

Human intensive information processes made easier where change is omnipresent, allowing flexibility and efficiency working together.

Each person keeps track of the status of own work and that of involved peers. When change occurs, the community reacts quickly, ensuring a coherent unity. Fully auditable.

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Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

Ease of use, flexibility, integration & speed of deployment

Create the skeleton of the document requiring input or publishing just like you would create a TOC in Word or a list in Excel

Use standard functions to distribute work to the stakeholders and re-collect it automatically with workflow status. Review, adjust, refresh with live data from external sources. Collect, consolidate and re-distribute as many times as you want. Be more efficient together compared to any other tool in areas such as Financial Close, Financial Planning & Analsysis, Data collection for Procurement, Security and Compliance departments.

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Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence stands for Inversed Design, user driven flexibility, speed of deployment and the Datasource Dashboard